During a particular busy day Kirstel and I were brainstorming fun happy ideas for our brand to turn our stressed-out vibe around.  We were talking about the movie The Sisterhood of Travelling Pants earlier that day and the idea was born.

Ultimately, the story emphasizes the power of friendship, personal growth, and the bond that can unite people even across great distances.

It seemed a bit crazy sending out free towels to people we didn’t know or weren’t necessarily professional content creators. But those people are the ones in caravan parks that have them hanging on their clothes lines and are the ones wrapping their gorgeous children in at a river, lake or pool.  The more we thought about it the more we loved the idea of joining all these holidaying and travelling families together and watching their adventures unfold. We can’t wait to share their travel tips with you too.

With our family out on the road for the next few months, the timing seemed perfect as our children could be part of it too. Also getting the opportunity to spot some Wildling Hooded Towels in the wild or a Palm Tree decal on a caravan would be a very happy moment for me!

What specific goals or outcomes did you hope to achieve through the Travelling Towels?

A huge part of it was brand awareness and recognition, but receiving the beautiful photos and videos of happy smiling little wildlings in so many incredible places already has been so rewarding on a personal level. It feels like MeanderWild is growing and becoming its own identity. We have loved connecting with the families involved it feels like we have made so many new friends over night. I can’t wait to bump into them in a caravan park in WA soon.

We have been blown away by the beautiful images we have already been receiving from our Travelling Towels families and can’t wait to see how far and wide they go over the next few months.

Did you miss out? 

Sale coming soon!

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