Our story

Welcome to a new world of caravan interiors

With a love for camping in our caravans and a yearning to explore Australia as much as possible, we understand how important it is to be comfortable on the road. Especially when travelling with our families. We believe your caravan décor and bedding accessories should be just as nice as what you have at home, allowing you to style your caravan into your own peaceful retreat with pieces that are the perfect fit.

When we were planning for our own holidays, we couldn’t seem to find what we were searching for. Especially when it came to bedding. We envisioned setting up our caravan interiors with beautiful, high quality bed linen in gorgeous colourways that also fit our caravan beds. It was from this moment we decided to create our own and MeanderWild was born.

Forever inspired by Australia's incredible landscapes

On our travels, we came across many awe-inspiring landscapes that will forever be imprinted into our memories. From these visual souvenirs, we’ve carefully selected timeless hues that capture the essence of caravanning in Australia. Whether it be the oranges that burn in the outback desert, or the calming blues of Australia’s coastline, each piece draws inspiration from destinations in our home country.