Warranty Claim Process

In the rare event that you encounter any concerns regarding the quality of your MeanderWild product or suspect a defect, we are here to assist you through our warranty claim process. All warranty claims will be individually assessed, ensuring that your specific situation receives the attention it deserves. The Warranty Period for MeanderWild s is valid for three months from your purchase date.

Please allow up to 7 business days for us to process your warranty claim. We appreciate your patience as we work diligently to resolve your concern.

Exclusions from Warranty

It's important to note that certain factors are excluded from our warranty coverage. These exclusions include:

Normal Wear and Tear: Our warranty does not cover expected changes in the fabric resulting from everyday use, including abrasion or damage caused by factors such as feet, pets, or bed frames.

Stains and Fabric Issues: Stains or fabric issues arising from regular use are also excluded from our warranty coverage.

Use of Personal Products: Please exercise caution when using products such as hair gel, cosmetics, lotions, cosmetics containing benzoyl peroxide and alpha hydroxy acids, moisturizers, personal lubricants, etc., as these may affect the fabric.

Fabric Wrinkling: It's important to note that wrinkling is common and unavoidable for most 100% cotton materials.

For detailed laundry instructions and recommendations to maximize the lifespan of your MeanderWild bedding, please refer to our Care Instructions Journal Post.

The steps to follow when initiating a warranty claim are as follows:

Please contact MeanderWild via email at hello@meanderwild.com.au and provide a written description of the issue, accompanied by your original proof of purchase and some clear photos illustrating the problem.

If your warranty claim is approved, MeanderWild will cover the expenses to:
(a) Replace or refund the defective product; and
(b) Return the product to your address.

We are committed to ensuring your satisfaction with MeanderWild products and providing prompt and thorough assistance with warranty claims.

Thank you for choosing MeanderWild for your caravan bedding needs. We look forward to continuing to provide you with exceptional products and customer service.