Have you seen our gorgeous Palm Decals from The Travelling Towels promo? Read about Jackie Green the artist behind them here. 

Jackie Green Artist

Welcome to the abstract world of Australian artist, Jackie Green. A visually engaging dichotomy where mid-century musings dance with a dalliance of contemporary mixed media; organic, coastal forms intuitively weave amid an edge of urban street hustle. Her recurring theme of “positivity through pastels” and “boldness through embellishments” evokes works that capture a connectedness to colour personified by a sense of hope for humanity — a playful vitality albeit captured with profound purpose.

Jackie’s works feature in contemporary galleries, stylish homes, popular venues and progressive businesses whose inhabitants share her creative vision to spread good energy through art that serves the soul. Her artistic disciplines include original works, limited edition prints, private commissions, large-scale murals, branded colabs and neon typography signs.

Jackie’s sacred space — The Sorrento Studio — is based on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria where she lives with her husband and three boys.

Human + Nature 

Jackie, like many talented artists, was literally born with brush in hand. From a young age down in Mount Wellington, Tasmania, she would explore her stunning, natural surrounds and take in all the sensory stimulation abundantly supplied by her nurturing muse in Mother Nature. The intoxicating aroma of the ancient eucalypts, the feel of cool, composted earth beneath her feet and the visual spectacle of unspoiled rainforests flourishing under shaded canopies — even waving “hello” to the local platypus walking to school a regular ritual. These were her formative artistic years, widely drawing flora and fauna whenever she had the spare moment to whip out the pencils, crayons or paints.

As the years flew by evolving from a curious teenager into a career-minded adult, her love of the visual arts only grew stronger, and she found herself training as a hand sign writer way before digital design was “a thing”. Turns out she was quite the protege at it too, achieving honourable awards for pictorial art and gold leaf work at the Melbourne College of Art and RMIT’s Interiors for Living. As she honed her custom signage skills, creative design software soon hit the scene, so Jackie jumped on the upskilling wagon eventually mastering the programs to the same level of excellence her keen eye and steady hand had accomplished in the signwriting landscape. Commercially, she was now designing premium signage for renowned companies and major events including the MCG, Spring Racing Carnival — and more recently — luxury skincare brand Endota Spa where she alchemised a series of edgy packaging designs to add a slice of contemporary spice to their clean, minimal look.  

Surrounding herself in artistic communities and inner-city locales that ooze inspo on the daily has always been a key consideration for Jackie’s creative expansion and professional progression. From the Adelaide Hills to Coogee Beach, St Kilda to her commercial signage studio in Port Melbourne, Jackie has always been influenced by the intoxicating nowness of a bustling urban buzz albeit underpinned by the organic tones only found in nature’s wild palette. And here lies the juxtaposed creative outlet that directs her artistic practice outside of the fast-paced world of signage. Tucked away in The Sorrento Studio where no corporate briefs can influence her creative direction, Jackie sets free all her design experience and artistic flair that perfectly pairs her love of big city hype with the bountiful fruits found in nature.

Her work is raw yet considered. Textural yet deliberate. A beautiful fusion of mixed media depicting a natural flow that comfortably frolicks with a dash of friendly chaos; like spontaneous emotions that surface when you randomly meet the love of your life or stumbling across an unexpected vista that literally takes your breath away. It makes you smile, but it makes you think. It forces you to look deeper, but in a light-hearted way. Splashes of acrylic, strokes of enamel, a rattle can of flux and messages of typography — it’s the visual layers of communication that tells a story personified with positive energy and delivered in authentic artistic verse.

If there’s one common theme that brushes across every Jackie Green canvas, it’s that The Sorrento Studio is her happy place and a portal to endless pastel possibilities inspired by life’s fragile beauty and the indelible interplay between “human + nature”.

Jackie Green Logo

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