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The Gibb River Road is not for the faint-hearted, but it's an incredible journey that will undoubtedly be a highlight of your travels. Be prepared to encounter challenging river crossings, rough terrain, and unpredictable weather conditions. Yet, the reward is experiencing the untouched natural beauty of the Kimberley region, basking in stunning waterfalls, swimming in crystal-clear waters, and spotting unique wildlife.

We kicked off our Gibb River Road journey in Kununurra. We found Coles to be the top pick for the best range of food and pricing. Keep in mind that you'll need to ditch any fruit and vegetables before crossing into the NT, so plan to spend a few days here to stock up on supplies before hitting the road.

The Tender Butcher Shop in Kununurra has a great range of products, they can also vacuum seal your meat. Hands down the best steak and sausages we had on our lap. Highly recommend stocking up here.

A heads up! The bottle shops are all closed on Sunday, so don't be like us and leave it till Sunday to purchase booze for the road trip of a lifetime. Be mindful that takeaway liquor restrictions are in place for the Kimberly Region.

Length of Stay

It took us 14 days; we could have easily spent longer exploring but ran out of alcohol, so don't be like us and plan wisely. 

Where to Stay

The Great Gibb River Road is calling your name, adventurer! Don't let the thought of pre-booking your accommodations hold you back. We chose to wing it and had a fantastic time finding hidden gems along the way. Even during peak season, we stumbled upon free campsites and snagged a spot in the unpowered section at El Questro Wilderness Park. However, if you do prefer the convenience of power, it's best to pre-book in advance as the powered section fills up quickly. So, grab your sense of adventure and hit the road – the wild and wonderful Gibb River Road awaits!

 Gibb River Road Itinerary: 14 days from Kununurra to Broome

Gibb River Road Map

Day 1: Kununurra to El Questro Wilderness Park

Day 2: El Questro Wilderness Park

Day 3: El Questro Wilderness Park

Day 4: El Questro Wilderness Park

Day 5: El Questro Wilderness Park // Emma Gorge

Day 6: Pentecost River (Freecamp) // Ellenbrae Station (for morning tea)

Day 7: Gibb River Day Area (Free camp)  

Day 8: Gibb River Day Area (Free camp)

Day 9: Manning Gorge Campground // Galvins Gorge

Day 10: Manning Gorge Campground

Day 11: March Fly Glen (Free camp) // Bell Gorge

Day 12: Windjana George campground

Day 13: Tunnel Creek day stop on the way to RAAF Boab (Free camp)

Day 14: Broome

 What to See and Do

The Gibb River Road trip is all about exploring the Kimberley region, and there are plenty of attractions on the way. Some of the most popular ones are:

El Questro Wilderness Park:

El Questro Gorge














This park is a must-visit destination on the Gibb River Road trip. From soaking in natural hot springs to waterfalls, hiking through ancient gorges and witnessing the most spectacular sunsets, there is something for everyone in this park.

Don’t miss our personal favourites:

- Zebedee springs

- El Questro Gorge Hike

- Branco's lookout for sunset drinks and dinner

- Saddleback Ridge 4x4 track

- Emma Gorge

Branco’s lookout, El Questro

Ellenbrae Station: Head to Ellenbrae Station on your journey, its a cattle station offering day visitors homemade scones with fresh cream and jam and iced coffee frappes are guaranteed to fuel your adventure spirit. You can stay here overnight too, we spent the morning and filled up our tanks with fresh water.

 Ellenbrae Station, Gibb River Road 

Manning Gorge/ Mount Barnet Roadhouse: One of the most beautiful and best swimming spots in the Kimberley, Manning Gorge is located on Mt Barnett Station. Drop into the Mt Barnett Roadhouse about 7 kilometres from the start of the gorge trail to pay your entrance fees; camping is also available. Trust us, the early bird gets the worm and the best swimming spots, so start your hike early to avoid the heat of the day. And the best part? Not only do you get to enjoy a refreshing swim at the end, but also at the beginning of the trail.

 Manning Gorge 

Photo by Cass Clayton @cassclayton5

Galvins Gorge: This accessible gorge is just a stone's throw from the main road, making it the perfect pit-stop for an exhilarating swim. But don't let its ease of access fool you, this gorge is truly stunning and well worth a visit. Add it to your itinerary and experience the thrill of this hidden gem for yourself!

Bell Gorge: Bell Gorge is a series of cascading waterfalls that flow down into a crystal-clear pool. It is an excellent spot for swimming, hiking, and picnicking.

 Bell Gorge, Gibb River Road

Windjana Gorge: This gorge is a natural wonder that will take your breath away. It is home to a large population of freshwater crocodiles so no swimming, unfortunately.

Tunnel Creek: Western Australia's largest cave system. Walk 750m into the tunnel, wading through freshwater pools and discover the area's cultural significance for the local Bunuba people through the signage. Remember to pack your head torch and shoes that can get wet.

The Gibb River Road trip is an adventure of a lifetime. This trip will leave you spellbound from the rugged landscapes to the breathtaking waterfalls. With the proper planning and preparation, you can make the most of your time on this road trip. So, pack your bags and hit the road, and remember to share your experiences with us (Tag @meanderwild). 

Additional Information 

Some of the Kimberley region has recently experienced flooding from heavy rainfall. For updated information about the staged reopening please visit their official destination page. . 

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Don't forget to pack your Wildling Hooded Towel!

Sweet dreams and safe travels!

Love MW

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